Surgery and Sedation Equipment - Pro Med Sales

Pro Med Sales specializes in Surgery and Sedation Equipment and Supplies.  From Anesthesia machines to Zoll AEDs we have everything you need to preform surgery.  Pro Med Sales proudly carries the following manufacturers:

-AB Dental Implants

-Accutron Dental Nitrous Delivery

-Allied Health Surgical Suction

-Amico Medial Outlets and Lighting

-Bovie Electrosurgical Units

-Criticare Patient Monitors

-DCI Dental Delivery Units

-Maxxeus Dental Biologics

-Medical Illumination Surgical O.R. Lighting

-MED LED Headlights

-Nonin Patient Monitors

-Porter/Matrx Dental Nitrous Delivery

-Salter Cannulas

-SciCan Sterilizers

-Tuttnauer Sterilizers

-Zoll AEDs

And much more...

Wanting to set up your new clinic or office for sedation?  Contact Pro Med Sales to have a consultant assist you with getting the right equipment.  We can work with your builders directly to design rooms and meet equipment specifications to make the process easier for you.  Pro Med will be your partner resource that can consult with you on the entire layout of the practice to increase productivity and reduce the amount of time you need to allocate to the overall design project.  Contact for design questions and ideas, or if you need to just redesign and existing product or room.

For everything you need to preform Oral/Dental Surgery or to deliver anesthesia outside the hospital choose Pro Med Sales to get the best equipment at competitive pricing. From certified refurbished to new equipment we can provide multiple solutions to better suit your practice needs.   We are your Surgery and Sedation Equipment Solution.