Surgybone Piezoelectric Unit

Surgybone Piezo
Surgybone Piezo

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Surgybone Peizoelectric Unit

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Product Description

Product Description

Technology based one ultrasound frequencies that permits highly precise osteotomies, with a constant control of both incision depth and length.

Wide liquid crystal display to visualize the data set. Direct push-button control for precise and prompt setting. Power regulation according to different insert tips (sharp, blunt, smoothing, endodontic). Maximum cutting precision, free of damage for soft tissues, avoiding overheating necrosis. Regulation of VIBRA function, with PERCUSSION action and selective cutting.

Surgybone Piezoelectric unit includes:

• 1 Control unit with LCD display
• 1 Handpiece & Cord
• 1 Wrench
• 1 Foot Pedal
• 1 Hanger Bar
• 1 Horizontal Bar with Handpiece holder
• 1 Carrying Case
• 1 Insert Tip Holder (Holds up to 8)
• 6 Basic Inserts +2 Hydro tips
• 1 Tubing Set for Solution, Disposable, Sterile
• 1 Sterilization Cassette

Additional Information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 in