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    Sapphire Headlight by MED LED

    $2,995.00 $2,295.00
    The MedLED Sapphire™ Premium Headlight System is the first fully portable unit that levels up against fiber optics lights. Keeping brightness, comfort and battery life in mind, it provides a complete package for everyday use in the O.R. and Surgery Centers. Bright The Medled Sapphire™ illuminates at a groundbreaking 200,000 Lux. Mobile With our AIRSTRAP™ Technology, MedLED has created the world's first fully portable headlight platform by building the latest circuitry and battery chemistries into the headstrap. This eliminates the need for bulky belt packs giving you the comfort you need for the Operating Room. Adjustable Focus the beam to a crisp spot and continuously adjust the brightness between 0 and 100%. Economical The MedLED Sapphire™ runs off of 2xLiPO rechargeable batteries. Fast charging, long lasting and lightweight.  
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